You know who’s tired of gettin pushed around? You know who’s tired of being wimpy wimpy wimpy like a lil peanut worm? WEEG. You know who decided to do something about it? WEEG. You know who wasn’t too much of a wimp to work out? WEEG. YOU KNOW WHO ISN’T A WEAKLING BUILT LIKE A SPONGE? WEEG. These ain’t no Anchor Arms kid, these are big, MEATY, CLAWS. WEEG used to be a wimp and now he’s a JERK, and everybody loves him.

Including you. Take him home? Please? PLEASE.

The owner of this handsourced, hand-sewn plush gets +333 ARMS & +25 protection cause that boy got a nice shell back dere, ya feel me? 😏

Sold Out