It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No.... wait... it’s a FROG? Huh. I could’ve swore-... no matter. it’s KAPTAÏN KERMÏT. One part frog, one part plush, ALL PARTS KAPTAÏN.

Inspired by M. Bison, this hand sourced, hand sewn plush has all the features of the great captains throughout history: Good outerwear, a nice hat, and most importantly; A FUCKING CAPE. THE CAPE. Don’t let the hero training videos in the Incredibles fool you, the cape maketh the man. Or womxn.

Handmade with löve in the WEIRDWILDWORKSHOP. 🐸💙🌍🏡

The owner of this shirt receives +25 Dexterity, but additional webbing & KAPTAÏN KERMÏT CAVE KID PLAYSET sold separately

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