• Image of KÏD KÖFFING

Kid KÖFFING embodies toxic substances. It mixes the toxins with raw garbage to set off a chemical reaction that results in a terribly powerful poison gas. The higher the temperature, the more gas is concocted by this CLÖSE FRIEND.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been DREAMING about this plush for a while now. Idk why though. Must be that snazzy sweater he’s got on... even though it’s August... huh. Well anyway, THIS plush was lovingly hand sourced, hand sewn and then PUT ON THE MARKET FOR YOU.

oh wait. DID YOU MISS IT? DAMN. TOO BAD. Well... I guess you can click the “preorder Kid Köffing” option if you’re lucky enough to get one of those.... (there’s only 2 - I want every CLÖSE FRIENDS to be original but also want everyone to have my art and be happy, and also also I’m poor and gotta pay the bills. Beggars can’t be hypebeasts or something like that) The owner of this plush (handsewn in the WEIRDWILDWORKSHOP handsourced etcetera etcetera, so on and so forth) gains +10 Toxicity. And like +12 empathy to fight off all those bad vibes.

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