• Image of Wörld on FIRE
  • Image of Wörld on FIRE

As of September 10, 2020, a total of 7,694 fires have burned 3,577,926 acres of the west coast. That’s more than 3% of the state's 100 million acres of land, which officially makes 2020 the largest wildfire season recorded in California HISTORY, (according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.) Kate Brown (Oregon’s gov) said that about 300,000 acres, or about 470 square miles in Oregon were burning, and in Washington, more than 32,460 acres have burned (mostly in July and August; Washington saw 500 square miles burning on Monday alone. Thousands of people have evacuated their homes due to the fires, and hundreds have had to be rescued from approaching wildfires.

•We should be taking tangible action to fight climate change
•We should be looking into programs like the Green New Deal that help to educate on and fight against the worsening effect of climate change
•AND WE NEED TO FUCKING VOTE. For who? Idk. Anyone but the orange racist. The sky’s the same color as him rn, that’s an omen if ya ask me.

THIS SHIRT IS AVAILABLE NOW, AND A PERCENTAGE OF THE PROFITS WILL BE GOING TO EITHER @globalgiving’s California Wildfire Fund, or the California Fire Foundations efforts to supply aid to emergency victims during this time

The owner of this shirt is helping to do a good thing. AND SAYING LETS FIGHT FOR THIS WEIRD, WILD, WORLD OF OÜRS.