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There’s nothing scarier than confronting your feelings... well nothing other than actually showing that you care about something. How LAME. Let me set the scene; Picture this: you’re at one of your dreaded family gatherings, small talk isn’t an option, and you definitely don’t want to hear what your aunt has to say about your new tattoos or the way you dress... so you pick up your phone. And that TERRIBLE boy or girl you like, isn’t texting you back... oh wait, maybe you should check your IG? That’ll save you the trouble of telling your mom her tracks aren’t laid correctly when she makes you angry. Oh... oh no... is that.... no why would you click their story? NO. IS THAT.. THEIR EX? Why are they together??? You thought they were done with their ex months ago... wait... Why are they alone?? Wait no they’re sharing a meal? Put your phone away. ABORT! Oh no don’t keep clicki—NOW THEY’RE AT THE BEACH? Pause. That feeling right there... those tears welling up in your eyes? No... HOLD THEM IN, YOU’RE STILL WITH YOUR BORING FAMILY. Don’t let them see you cry! You’ll have to EXPLAIN yourself. AND square up on your dad when he tells you to stop crying because that boy/girl/jerk was out of your league anyway. Ugh. —
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