• Image of LÖVERS

How do you want to be touched, flicked, rubbed, handled.... LÖVED? Do you like hot wax? Are you into BDSM? Anal play? WAYNAL play? (That’s when you sex to the sounds of Wayne Brady & his audience on the Price is Right) Do you like it when your partner rubs your mustache with their knees? That’s my favorite part of the sloppy slip-n-slide too. Whether you’re dry as the Sahara or wetter than my lady, this is the shirt for all of the lövers of ALL kinds.

WEIRDWILDWORLD DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST SEXUALITY IN ANY WAY. IN FACT, IF YOU DON’T SUPPORT TRANS RIGHTS, LGBTQIA+ RIGHTS, AND SEXWORKER’S RIGHTS then you can kindly get thee FUCK off my website, your kind isn’t allowed round these parts. This shit is for EVERYBÖDY. 💙🌍✨ Löve is Löve, now go out there and FUCK something. (Consensually)

The owner of this shirt gets +10 drip, +200 WAP & like, a pack of contraceptives or sum idk, you’re gonna need it for all the LÖVE you’re gonna get for wearing this shirt