• Image of Da Cälvin Kïnd

We all want to be beautiful. Or handsome... we all want that special person to look at us and go: “you know what? Yeah. I like that one” We all want to wear name brands or at the very least be able to afford them. Sometimes you may have to stretch just right, or pull a lil but of skin off to get JUST the right angles for those sexy sexy photos you’re gonna take tonight, but it’s worth it right? Beauty is pain, or at least that what those puffy looking Instagram influencers tell us.... we see those underwear models on those giant billboards wearing da “Cälvin Kïnds” looking like they’re uncomfortable but not uncomfortable enough to show you their bulges and curves. (You know the ones) 😏 NOW, this HALLOWEIRD you can pay homage to these special moments you spend alone, in front of your mirror, trying to fit into your skin, for only $13.31 on OCTOBER 31st! 🌍🛸 it’s a WEIRDWILDWORLD and we’re all just trying to fit in

“Da Cälvin Kïnd” will be available October 31st ONLY for $13.31 (then it’s regular price)
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