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What’s your biggest secret?

Is it the fact that you’re terrified of intimacy? Maybe it’s the third nipple you keep tucked under your button up... or the fact that you’re sexually attracted to Jeff Goldblum? Oh wait, that’s not a secret? I also know you wanna lick the skin off Danny Devito’s scalp. Yeah. But it’s okay, we can keep that between us. The thing about WEIRDWILDWORLD is that there’s no judgement here, but we’ll definitely call you out for the fact that you slept with that guy. Oh yeah.. no not that one... YEP. THAT one. Or that girl... you know the one. The one you’re picturing right now... uh huh.... that’s her. Either way, lock your secrets up, (along with your dignity) in this shirt and let the WEIRDWILDRRIORS keep it safe. You don’t know them? Well.... if you buy this shirt you instantly join the cul-NETWORK. And become a WEIRDWILDWARRIOR yourself. Same with every other shirt on this site.